Global Veterinary Careers Summit - DeLenn Burrows

I had the opportunity to attend the Global Veterinary Careers Summit last week. While I was a bit weary of how well an event of this nature would run on an online platform due to Covid 19 restraints, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The organizers were successfully able to provide interactive sessions and networking opportunities throughout the entire event. I personally found that it was easier to reach out to others in the profession as compared to previous conferences I have attended. The virtual delivery took away some of the fear of introducing myself to an extremely established veterianian, while also eliminating the need to wait in a long line inorder to get a turn to speak to them (while running the risk of being late for my next talk). Another benefit of the structure used for this event is the opportunity to rewatch or catch up on missed sessions throughout the whole year. It is a feature that I will most definately be using! 

The conference also provided insight to many different career paths - some of which I had never even considered before. As I am still undecided on the career path I want to take, I was able to gain valuable information that will help guide my future career decisions. During one of my favourite sessions titled “Pathology and more”, I learned just how important it is to network with others. The speakers discussed how their decision to keep in contact with their pathology professions led to opportunities and/or important references down the road. The speakers also stressed that it is important to gain experience in an area related to pathology (or any specialty) in order to be able to begin a path towards that specialty. Lastly, I learnt about the many different pathways within a pathology specialty, such as different government jobs, policy, research, diagnostics, consulting, and so much more!  A huge thank you to the Summer Career Opportunities and Research Exploration (CORE) Program for helping provide this amazing experience!