DVM Networking Session July 21 - Diane Ho

Before being an OVC student, I thought that clinical practice was one of the few career choices after graduating vet school. However, the DVM networking events hosted by the Summer CORE program have shown me the vast diversity in career opportunities for a DVM. Of particular interest to me were the careers paths of Dr Paige Golden (Senior Veterinary Communication Manager at Purina Petcare Canada) and Dr Shawn MacKenzie, I had a strong interest in companion animal practice but I felt like I needed more direction.
Dr MacKenzie had shared with us a day in the life of his career. What appealed to me was that everyday brings something different - there could be a variety of cases and diagnostics that he could see, such as radiographs, ultrasounds, CTs, MRIs. In addition, he mentioned that there is a huge emphasis on collaboration with the other specialists at the referral hospital in order to deliver the best care possible to their patients.
After speaking with my colleagues and my supervisor about potentially specializing in one of these fields, I feel encouraged to explore my interests through a rotating internship. Though I still feel tempted to limit myself to clinical practice, Dr Paige Golden & Dr Shawn MacKenzie have taught me that a DVM's career isn't limited at clinical practice. There are a plethora of options to explore and lots of opportunities to collaborate with other professionals.