DVM Networking Session July 21 - Cassidy Van Den Diepstraten

On July 21st through the CORE Program I had the opportunity to attend the second DVM networking event this summer. I had the privilege to listen to doctors Dan Shock, Evelin Molnar, Tyler O’Neill, Paige Golden and Shawn MacKenzie. Listening to their variety of job positions and their unique career paths that lead them to these current positions were extremely fascinating.

I think that it is really interesting that all these speakers have their DVMs but their experiences and how they chose to use their education is vastly different from one another. There were two speakers who really stood out for me during this presentation. The first speaker was Dr. MacKenzie, who is a Radiologist at an Emergency and Referral Hospital. He had completed an internship and then went into a residency in Radiology. I am interested in the DVM program at the OVC, but was looking into the possibility of becoming a resident afterwards. He gave me some helpful insight as to how this process works, and how it can be achieved. Keeping that in mind, one of the other speakers, Dr. Golden, stated that going into veterinary school she had a precise idea of where her career would lead. Once studying veterinary medicine, she changed her initial plan, working with equine reproductive medicine, to working in a small animal practice, to becoming a Senior Veterinary Communication Manager. This has highlighted the importance of keeping an open mind and being knowledgeable about different aspects in the field of veterinary medicine that a person might enjoy. The other speaker who’s experience I was really drawn to was Dr. O’Neill. He completed his DVM and then went on to complete a Master’s and then a PhD in epidemiology. This led to a job position with Roche as a Clinical Science Leader where he works with both human and animal acute health. I am motivated to learn more about Roche as a company and the aspects of digital health.

One piece of advice that really resonated with me was that it is never too late to find a new position if you are willing to take that chance, as the variety of job positions in the veterinary field are endless.

I am really thankful that I got the opportunity to listen to these speakers and found it very informative with regards to future career choices. Thank you to the Program Coordinating Committee, the speakers, and anyone else involved in the organizing of these activities during these COVID-19 restraints. I am looking forward to more DVM networking sessions and CORE events!