DVM Networking Session July 21

As an OVC applicant, I tried to gain experience and knowledge in as many different aspects of veterinary medicine as possible. Now coming into my first year at the OVC and through being a student in the CORE program, I’ve realized that I have just scratched the surface and there are endless career possibilities that I have yet to explore. In particular, the networking sessions with current DVMs working in various positions has opened up my eyes to the diversity in careers available after obtaining a DVM degree. 

I really resonated with Dr. Mackenzie’s talk as he mentioned that coming into veterinary school, he was interested in companion animals but did not know what he was going to do following, and I am in a similar position. I do however have an interest in specializing in surgery, so hearing about his journey to specialize in radiology helped shed some light on what sort of experiences I should seek out to follow a similar path towards specialization. Dr. Mackenzie mentioned that while there wasn’t a radiology club at his school at the time, he and some friends started one because they were passionate about that aspect of veterinary medicine. This reinforced his advice given at the end of his talk, that being, go out of your way to pursue your interests.

While I plan to explore my interest in surgery, I want to stay open minded to other career options. A common theme amongst the advice given by all the speakers was never feel like you are stuck where you are. This was demonstrated by the non-linear career paths many of the veterinarians had taken. Thank you to the CORE program for continually providing such unique and impactful experiences!


Mia Cadieux