DVM Networking Session 1 - Melanie Felker

On July 9th the Summer Career Opportunities and Research Exploration (CORE) Program organized a lunch time networking session with four veterinarians. This talk allowed future and current students in the DVM program, like myself, to learn about some of the unique career opportunities available for a DVM graduate. Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg, Dr. Daniella Rizzo, Dr. Elise Tatone, and Dr. Lois Valli all spoke about their path to their current position, what their typical day is like, why they love their job, and also offered valuable advice before answering questions.

The most inspiring part of this talk for me personally was learning about Dr. Rizzo’s career path. She completed her Master of Public Health degree after her DVM degree. This was particularly relevant because the Ontario Veterinary College recently announced the new DVM/MPH combined degree program, which Dr. Jane Parmley spoke about the day before in a One Health and Population Medicine talk. The MPH program has become very appealing, especially during a global pandemic, because of its connection to public health and infectious disease investigation and control.

Dr. Rizzo was attracted to the MPH program because of its 4-month practicum that allowed her to work with the Public Health Agency of Canada. Today she is still working in government with the Public Health Agency of Canada, while working part-time in private practice. As I have been thinking more about my DVM career path I have juggled ideas about working in government and in private practice, it never occurred to me that it was possible to do both.

I knew when I entered the DVM program last fall that opportunities in the veterinary industry were endless, but the CORE program has allowed me to learn even more. I look forward to the second networking session later this summer!