Clinical Research with Dr. DeNotta from the University of Florida - Cassandra Campbell

On July 30th CORE students had the opportunity to meet with Dr. DeNotta from the University of Florida to learn about clinic research. She was an excellent speaker and told the story of her journey from private practice, through to her PhD. It was very interesting and engaging to hear about her path and some of the incredible research she has worked on.

Before this summer I had never considered research as a possible career path for myself, but both the exposure to research through the CORE program and Dr. DeNotta’s talk really shone a light on all the possibilities that are out there. Previously, I had always considered research and clinical practice as two separate entities, but this talk explored the ways in which a veterinarian can practice in the field they love, while also answering clinical questions to better the quality of care for our patients.

Dr. DeNotta spoke about various research that she has been working on, and spoke about collaboration across different fields. I specifically enjoyed learning about her research on diagnostic imaging, where she joined an optics lab in biomedical engineering to create microscopes that could view the spinal cord in a live patient. This research has the potential to make huge steps forward in diagnostic imaging, and truly revolutionize the quality of care for both human and animal patients. It was incredibly inspiring to see this level of collaboration and get a glimpse of the incredible impact a veterinarian can have in the medical industry.

This session was a wonderful introduction in the field of clinical research, and excellently reflected what I feel was the goal of the summer CORE program. Dr. DeNotta’s presentation reinforced that clinical practice and research can go hand in hand and gave me a new perspective on careers post-graduation to consider as I move forward.