Clinical Research with Dr. DeNotta from the University of Florida – Abbinash Sanmugam

On July 30th, summer Career Opportunities and Research Exploration (CORE) students had the opportunity to listen to Dr. DeNotta recall the journey of her career from rural mixed animal practice to research at the University of Florida. It was incredibly interesting and had me begin thinking about where I would like to be in the future. 

Before beginning CORE, I had done a prior research project and found it engaging however I found it to be very different from clinical practice. What I learned from Dr. DeNotta is that it does not have to be. Clinical research is something I wish to explore more because of how it seeks to find answers to natural questions that arise in clinic, merging the gap between research and practice. 

An example of this was when Dr. DeNotta noticed a certain blood vessel that was prominent in colicky horses during ultrasound – however it was not always noticeable. As a result, she and her associates conducted research of horses that presented with colic, whether or not the blood vessel could be seen, and what the diagnosis was. This resulted in an association between specific diagnoses and the blood vessel, which answered the question that was created during clinical practice.  

The natural progression of Dr. DeNotta’s career inspired a more deep appreciation of research in me, and reinforced how intertwined it is with clinical practice. It definitely has given me another new avenue to explore in the future and I would like to thank the CORE program for providing me with this opportunity.