A candid tour of veterinary residency and clinical research - Melissa Prickaerts

I appreciated the most recent student veterinarian networking session featuring several veterinary residents and specialists.  Too often the path to faculty positions or careers as clinician scientists are painted as easily achievable provided the necessary training is completed. In this session however, it was refreshing to hear both about the opportunities and challenges associated with pursuing careers requiring post veterinary degree training. Many speakers spoke about the challenges getting academic positions and alternative careers they were considering.

In particular, I found learning more about the board certification process quite relevant. I did not know previously how different board exams are for different colleges and how some major changes have happened in the past few years. This session has motivated me to further explore residency programs and what career opportunities are available with this level of training.

It was also useful to hear what opportunities alumni pursued when they were going through the DVM program at Guelph and how these experiences influenced their future carees. It is encouraging to know that many of these opportunities are still available to current students.

Overall, I found this presentation to be informative and insightful.