BSc Networking Event (July 23rd) & Biomedical sciences Open House - Asfandyaar Talhat

Through out the OVC CORE Program, I had only been able to attend a few sessions. Namely, the BSc Networking event and the biomedical open house. 
To begin with, in the networking event, I was especially interested in hearing Dr Tyler Hickey, as I am aspiring for an MD (and eventual PhD) in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Hearing his story gave me practical insight on how I could start my journey too. One of the main questions I had was regarding pathology experience, and he informed me that every hospital had a pathology lab and that they are almost always happy to have students shadow. I will definitely take his advice and look for such opportunities at Guelph General for the upcoming year. 
Secondly, in the Biomedical open house, it was a pleasure hearing from all the faculty and grad students about their experiences and work. One piece of advice that stuck with me was by Dr. Khokhar, who's lab I worked in this past summer, where he said volunteering is not the best option for lab experience. He emphasized that although it's popular, he recommends either a URA, internship course, or Work-study, so that you get an appropriate amount of benefit for your work. This made me reevaluate my plans, and thus I adjusted them to have a lab internship course next semester, as well as work study for the winter. 
I have appreciated the effort the OVC CORE Program goes through to organize these events. They were definitely to my surprise as I had assumed a URA was just summer research. I apologize for the lack of my involvement as I had really overloaded my summer schedule where I barely had anytime to attend these events and fully participate. 
Overall though, these seminars and workshops have been a great help and I appreciate their work! Highly recommend for prospective students in the OVC CORE Program to really be notified of this from their PI prior to the summer research so they can prepare accordingly and make best use of the provided resources.