Biomedical Sciences Open House - Sydney Corso

Throughout this year’s Summer CORE program, I have been very fortunate to hear a variety of different speakers talk about their work and the research that they do. One event in particular was the Biomedical Sciences Open House, which was a valuable source of information.

As a summer student working in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, I appreciated the opportunity to hear about the different kinds of research that takes place within the department that I previously had not been exposed to. Some of the presentations I got to listen to were by the Vickaryous lab, the Lamarre lab, and the Favetta lab. Dr. Vickaryous’ presentation focused on their research into regeneration. They utilize a leopard gecko model in order to study how their tails regenerate, which I found to be very unique. The Lamarre lab, whose focus is on reproductive biology, discussed their research into bovine sperm fertility and transposable elements in bovine embryo development. This is an area that I knew very little about, so I enjoyed learning more about it. The Favetta lab then spoke about their research into reproductive toxicology. One of their current projects is looking into the effects of THC on reproduction and early embryonic development, specifically the hyperactivation of the CB1 and CB2 receptors due to THC. I found this to be very interesting, especially since the lab that I am a part of will also be looking into the effects of THC, albeit its effects on chronic pain instead of reproduction. Being exposed to so many different topics that are all included under the umbrella of Biomedical Sciences gave me a lot to think about when it comes to figuring out the areas of research that I am interested in, and what I may want to pursue in the future. In addition to hearing about the interesting research that other labs in the department are conducting, I also had the privilege of taking part in the Open House.

This summer I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Giannina Descalzi and her lab, who are also part of the Department of Biomedical Sciences. We produced our own presentation as part of the Open House, which I had a wonderful time taking part in. The process of creating our presentation gave me the opportunity to learn a lot more about the Descalzi lab’s research into the neuroplasticity of chronic pain. In addition to this, I also had the opportunity to share what I have been working on over the summer and explain the ways we hope it can be applied in the lab going forward.

This event was a wonderful introduction to the Biomedical Sciences Department and the research that they do. Being able to present the research that I have been a part of to faculty members, as well as my peers, was extremely rewarding and I am very grateful to the Summer CORE program for this experience.