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About Us

The OVC Marketing Communications Team uses an integrated approach to communications to promote the Ontario Veterinary College and share information with government, industry, donors, future and existing students, staff, faculty, alumni, colleagues at fellow universities, and the broader community. 

Collectively we work as a team to offer; strategic communications planning advice on college initiatives or events, communications related service for special projects – such as editing external marketing materials, branding and design, OVC Bulletin content creation, photography services and more.

Contact Us

Please contact our general purpose email account to initiate a new activity.

Our Service Areas

OVC Website Front page & Web Calendar

OVC Bulletin

Graphic Design & Brand Creation


Donor/Funder creative report generation

OVC Publications

  • The Crest (OVC Alumni - 2x/year)
  • Best Friends (OVC Pet Trust  - 2x/year)

Additonal opportunities

  • The Portico
  • University of Guelph News releases
  • Major Media publications
  • Industry Specific outlets and publications

Social media channels

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube - Live stream event opportunities
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat - Live events, tours or interviews of OVC