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Graduate Studies: 

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Graduate Awards Important Dates 2018-2019




Students who are currently registered at the University of Guelph may be eligible to order Guelph transcripts for free, provided that the transcripts are ordered a minimum of one week before the deadline, that you pick up the transcripts from Enrolment Services, and that you specify the name of the scholarship at the time you place your order. Deadlines may be found on the OGPS website under “Ordering Transcripts”. Please note that specific competitions require official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate level studies, including for the Fall 2018 semester even though you will not have Fall grades. Therefore, even if it is your first semester at Guelph, you must order a Guelph transcript for your application.
Please contact your Graduate Program Assistant or the Graduate Awards Officers ( if you have any questions about these opportunities. 


RESEARCH OPPORTUNITES: In addition to the chart below, check the OVC Grant Opportunities page. or


Do you have some great research results that you’re ready to share with end users? Have an idea for a workshop, resource, or other KTT product to get the word out about agri-food or rural research? The Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance is launching a new funding opportunity under the KTT Funding Program: KTT Mobilization Initiatives. These grants will provide one time financial support of up to $5,000 for a product that translates and transfers research that will benefit Ontario’s agri-food sector or rural communities.

More information about these grants can be found on the Alliance website.

Projects will need to have a UofG faculty member as the Lead Applicant, but team members can be from any organization.   

Please direct any questions about this opportunity to Rebecca Moore (

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Rebecca Moore ( and Shannon Brown (

Agri-Food and Rural Link | Office of Research (Agri-Food Partnership) | University of Guelph


Applications will be received on an ongoing basis. The first review will take place April 3, 2019.

Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline: April 22, 2019

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) outlines the processes that we engage in when “asking and answering questions about students’ learning in ways that can improve one’s own classroom and also advance the larger profession of teaching” (Huber and Hutchings, 2005, p.1). The objectives of the SoTL Fund are to provide financial support for a project that aims to improve student learning and the practice of teaching by:

  • Conducting a scholarly examination into a meaningful question about student learning and associated teaching activities;
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence on factors that affect the teaching - learning experience;
  • Disseminating the findings publicly for peer-reviewed bodies of knowledge (disciplinary and non-disciplinary).

The offices of Teaching and Learning and the Associate Vice President (Academic) invite full-time faculty, staff and academic librarians to apply to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fund. Unlike the Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF), which focuses on curricular innovation and renewal, the SoTL Fund is intended to encourage and support inquiry related to teaching and learning at the University of Guelph (rather than curricular design and development).  Detailed information is available at “What is SoTL?” and “Conducting SoTL.”
The SoTL fund is currently $12,000 for 2019, and applications to the fund should outline how the requested amount will support the proposed SoTL project.  Awarded funds can be used in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, supporting costs associated with the research project and its dissemination. The award recipient/s will have access to collaborative working space in Open Learning and Educational Support and be presented with an institutional award at the Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference (TLI).

April 22, 2019

Call for Proposals: University of Guelph Field Schools 2020 Summary This is a call for proposals for three to six-week courses to be offered in locations outside Canada. Courses will run in Summer 2020 (May/June preferably) and may be an internationalized offering of an existing course or a new course with international content.

Deadline: May 17, 2019

Completed proposals should be submitted to Lynne Mitchell, Director, Centre for International Programs, Level 3, U.C. For questions regarding this proposal, please contact Lynne Mitchell.

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May 17, 2019