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Join a Smoke-Free Campus Community Consultation

 U of G’s Guelph campus is working toward becoming smoke-free in spring 2019. We’re helping build a healthy campus for everyone in our community.  Becoming a smoke-free campus is a complex, but important initiative. Extensive community consultation will help us create a policy that considers the various needs of our University.

On the Smoke-Free Campus website, you can also find:

  • answers to frequently asked questions about the initiative
  • information on smoking cessation resources
  • details on why the campus is going smoke-free

You can also share your thoughts through the Smoke-Free Campus website or by emailing



Wellness@Work is excited to announce the 2019 grant program is now open for applications.   The Wellness@Work Grant Program encourages faculty and staff across all campuses and research stations at the University of Guelph to help promote wellness in their workplace through the implementation of a tailored health‐promoting program, approach or idea. Departments/groups can apply for a seed grant (up to a maximum of $3000, one time) for their initiative.  Please consider working with your colleagues on an application to help create a healthier workplace.