Graduate Programs

Doctor of Veterinary Science

Doctor of Veterinary Science positions are funded positions, and are usually advertised and selected through the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians' website at which can be accessed in early October. Completed applications are due to us by the first Monday in December each year, announcements are made in early February and the start date is early August. Occasionally specialty training positions become available and are advertised on our Department website, as well as in the Canadian Veterinary Journal. This program involves one-third of the time taking a minimum of 5 graduate courses, conducting a research project and writing a thesis on the research, and two-thirds of the time in applied clinical practice. Applicants must be eligible to be licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

Master of Science

Students should contact potential faculty advisors working in fields in which they would like to pursue further study. Acceptance into the program will be dependent on stipend funding opportunities that may be available through faculty advisors, scholarships or sponsorship. 

MSc Thesis Program

The MSc program provides focused research training in areas related to veterinary medicine. Research projects may examine aspects of clinical practice or concepts but are not considered discipline or specialty training. Candidates are accepted based on adequate background preparation and availability of an advisor in the area of interest. Applicants should contact potential faculty advisors with established research programs listed in the department website.  The program involves a minimum of 3 courses, a research project and writing of a thesis.

MSc Course-work Program

The coursework-plus-major-project option will comprise a minimum of 4.5 credits, including six 0.5-credit graduate courses and a mandatory 1.0 credit, 2-semester major project course. The major project course will be supervised by the student’s advisory committee, and will consist of a literature review, participation in a clinical research project or retrospective study, preparation of a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and presentation in a Departmental seminar. A mark will be assigned by the advisory committee, based on the manuscript and oral presentation.

There will be no required courses beyond the 1.0 credit project course. The remaining courses will be chosen from courses currently provided by the Department of Clinical Studies and other Ontario Veterinary College Departments, and will be tailored to the student’s particular research interests. It is anticipated that most courses will be taken from within the Department. Undergraduate courses will not normally be eligible for credit toward this program. Course selection will be made by the student in consultation with the advisory committee, and will be approved by the departmental Graduate Studies and Research Committee. This option will normally require a minimum of 3 semesters of full-time study.

Graduate Diploma

The diploma program in clinical studies was introduced to provide appropriate postgraduate discipline training for veterinarians who wish to improve their expertise in a specific area. It entails a full-time three-semester program for candidates who are veterinarians with limited time for graduate study but who desire to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The program requires the completion of formal graduate courses and extensive participation in the care of animals admitted to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Clinical instruction is done using a service team concept, wherein a graduate diploma student interacts with DVSc students and faculty advisors. It is expected that graduates will return to private practice with enhanced clinical skills, or progress into MSc or internship programs.

Candidates are accepted based on adequate background preparation and availability of an advisor in the area of interest. Applicants should contact potential faculty advisors listed in the department website.  This program is not intended to upgrade general knowledge to North American standards nor is this program intended to prepare foreign graduates for national board exams. The diploma program will be unavailable in small animal surgery until further notice.

For more information please contact the Clinical Studies Graduate Program Assistant at