Course Offerings - Graduate Program

Course Offerings - Graduate Program


Instructors wishing to order textbooks to be available for classes for W19 need to submit their requests by Monday, October 15th or sooner! Plesae fill out ONE COURSE CODE PER PAGE. Note: When you email the textbook order form to tglaude@uoguelph,ca, a copy should also be sent to Sharita Carter ( and the Coop Bookstore (


To request a course be added to the course offering schedule, please forward the completed Course Offering Request Form with a copy of the course outline to


CLIN*6190 Neurology F - W17

CLIN*6310 Advanced Equine Veterinary Orthopaedics U - W19/S19

CLIN*6330 Advanced Principles of Diagnostic Imaging U - S18

CLIN*6350 Advance Radiology I F,W,S - W17

CLIN*6380 Electrocardiology and Arrhythmogenisis F,W,S - W18

CLIN*6420 Anesthesiology I S

CLIN*6440 Anesthesiology II F,W,S

CLIN*6460 Anesthesiology III: Species Specific and Coexisting Disease Considerations F-W - W19

CLIN*6550 Small Animal Internal Medicine I F - DRAFT - F18/W19

CLIN*6560 Sm Animal Internal Medicine II W - DRAFT - F18/W19

CLIN*6570 Large Animal Internal Medicine - W18 - Bovine & Equine

CLIN*6580 Large Animal Internal Medicine II W - W15

CLIN*6590 Large Animal Internal Medicine III W - W16

CLIN*6620 Ruminant Surgery - W19

CLIN*6661 Respiratory Physiology & Pathophysiology U - W18

CLIN*6700 Pathophysiology in SA Surgery I: Soft Tissue Surgery I - W18

CLIN*6800 Surgical Oncology Procedures F,W - F16

CLIN*6900 Clinical Grand Rounds Seminar F-W has been discontinued and replaced with CLIN*6910 - F18/W19 last offering

CLIN*6910 Professional Veterinary Communication Competencies - F19/W20


CLIN*6960 ST in Clinical Studies

CLIN*6970 Neurology II - W19 & S19

CLIN*6990 Project in Clinical Studies - F,W,S - W19