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Wednesday, January 14, 2019









Ø  Dr Peter Trevor will be working in Small Animal Surgery January 7-20th

Ø  Dr Marie Holowaychuk will be working in Emergency & Critical Care January 21-February 3rd

Ø  Dr Bianca Bauer will be working in Ophthalmology January 28 – February 1st

Ø  Dr Thomas Parmentier will be working in Neurology January 28 – February 1st




1. GRAND ROUNDS! This week’s seminar on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 will be held at 8:30 – 9:30 am in Rm 1714 LLC.

Presenting this week:                                    

Alejandro Merchan Munoz

Title: Temporohyoid Osteoarthropathy


Trinita Barboza

Title: “True Coelomic Hernia and Herniorrhaphy in a Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrot (Amazona ochrocephala)



Unconscious Bias Training is a requirement to sit on any Faculty Search Committee and must be completed during each new Faculty Collective Agreement. Training for current committees must have been completed after July 2017 and confirmed with the Chair’s Office.  The link to the online course is below if training has not been completed.



Recruitment Policy Change:

Previously, alcohol was a reimbursable expense for recruitment dinners even if all candidates were internal. When all members attending a dinner/meal are from the UG - alcohol CANNOT/WILL NOT be reimbursed by the UG.  This is a "Broader Public Service" i.e. government policy that the UG must follow and enforce.

If there is a dinner and the candidate is external – alcohol can be reimbursed, if the external candidate is the only candidate shortlisted. Alcohol of course can still be ordered - but if it is ordered it, it will have to be paid for by the individual consuming it. For more the hospitality policy and reimbursements, please refer here.




3.  Call For University Awards 2019 Nomination forms and details regarding the nomination process can be found on the University Secretariat website. The awards are to be given at convocation ceremonies beginning in 2019. Nominations must be received by the University Secretariat by January 15, 2019. For questions related to the nomination process, please contact




4. Faculty Information Exchange Series 2018-19: Best Practices in Graduate Student Supervision Experienced graduate student supervisors will share tips that will help researchers build and maintain productive relationships with their students, assist students in successful, timely degree completion, and reduce and solve potential problems. Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm More information is available on their website .




5. Pet Trust Competition Important Dates:​

  • Call for Proposals – January 16, 2019
  • Request for quotation from OVC HSC Business office – February 20, 2019​
  • Electronic OR5 to Chair’s Office – March 1, 2019
  • Electronic OR5 to Associate Dean Research – March 6, 2019​
  • Electronic OR5 to Office of Research –March 13, 2019​
  • Deadline for Research Proposals – March 20th, 2019​
  • Scientific Review Committee meets – April 24 and 25, 2019​
  • ​Equipment competition opened in the Winter:  $20,000 CAD​

​Any questions: please contact Alice Defarges (​




6. OVC Summer Research Studentships The Studentships are to support opportunities for students to engage in semi-independent research projects or participate in larger ongoing research projects during the summer.  Faculty interested in advising a summer research student should submit a completed abstract form to as an email attachment. Abstract forms are available on the OVC Research Site. The deadline for submission of completed abstract forms is January 16, 2019.



7. Instructor Evaluations for W19 for Phases 1-3 are now available in CEVAL through the following link. Faculty should confirm all courses have been added to the survey list with Linda Wing if not already done. Evaluations are set up to remain open until the day before the final exam in each course. Faculty are encouraged to remind students (on the last day of instruction in each course) to complete the evaluations.




8. Animal Behaviour & Welfare Seminar Presentation by Carly Moody, University of Guelph, on Thursday January 24, 2019 at 12:30 – 1:25 pm in Room 1800, PATH, followed by a Meet & Greet in Room 1707C, LLC



9. Student Experience Awards Award Student Experience is proud to honour the achievements and contributions of campus and community leaders who have made a lasting difference in the lives of our students and in the strong relationship that is fostered between the campus and greater community. I invite you to nominate students, colleagues, faculty members, or community members for an award (please see the attached Awards Detail and Criteria). Nominations are due on Friday, January 25, 2019 at 11:45 pm.



10. Course Outline Manager Tool The Course Outline Manager Tool should be used to create draft course outlines for new course addition submissions. These include new undergraduate, associate diploma and graduate courses making their way through governance. Using the tool in advance of the approval process will help streamline the process and support implementation of new courses once approved. If you need assistance, there are help videos and tutorials available, as well as CourseLink Technical Support at




11. Help choose the veterinarians of the future! The Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for international candidates applying to the DVM program will be held February 2 & 3, 2019 on the third floor of the MacKinnon Building. DVMs are urgently needed to help with interviews during that weekend. If you are available please email Elizabeth Lowenger at

Each shift is two hours long, starting at 8AM, 10AM, 2PM or 4PM. You will be at a 'station' with a partner, usually a DVM student, and will be interviewing 8 candidates per shift. Any time you can contribute is very much appreciated!

Before the interviews there will be a confidential training on January 16th at 6PM at OVC. There will be a very short review of the MMI before each shift but the training is recommended to acquaint you with the rationale of the MMIs and how they work. The event will be live webcast and recorded.

We also require two DVMs per shift to assess the station where candidates’ Background Information Forms (BIFs) are reviewed. This would involve reviewing the 8 candidates’ BIFs beforehand and communicating with your fellow assessor for that shift to decide what part of the BIFs you will ask the preset standardized questions about. If you would be willing to do one shift at the ‘BIF station’ please let Elizabeth Lowenger know.



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