Cardiovascular Diseases

The Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations at the University of Guelph is a collaborative venture between laboratories in the Ontario Veterinary College, College of Biological Sciences and Human Health & Nutritional Sciences. With broad interests that span the spectrum of cardiovascular medicine and science, the group's goal is to understand the mechanisms behind heart disease and to develop new therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations uses leading-edge approaches, innovation, and infrastructure to research cardiovascular disease and train the next generation of Scientists. Interactions between investigators in basic research and translational medicine provides a unique environment and opportunities to investigate cardiovascular disease in experimental and naturally occurring models. Integrative cardiovascular research capabilities span from molecular to physiologic and pharmacologic platforms.

The overarching goal is to attract and train the brightest individuals, to develop new understandings of cardiovascular disease, and generate new therapeutic strategies to benefit the health of Canadians.


Dr. Sonja Fonfara: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ECVIM

  • Cardiac remodelling associated with aging and in cardiac disease

Dr. Tami MartinoDistinguished Chair in Molecular Cardiovascular Research; Career Investigator, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada; Director, Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations; Professor

  • New treatments for heart disease; Application of circadian (diurnal) physiological and pharmacological approaches to discover new treatments for heart attacks (myocardial infarction), high blood pressure (hypertension), cardiac hypertrophy, and heart failure; Use of transgenic, physiologic, molecular, and preclinical approaches to benefit the treatment of heart disease

Dr. Glen Pyle: Professor

  • Molecular basis of heart failure; Development of novel therapies for the treatment of heart attacks and chronic heart failure; Mechanisms by which menopause increases the risk of heart disease in women; Sex differences in heart function; Causes, molecular mechanisms, and treatments of heart disease

Dr. Shari Raheb: Assistant Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM

  • Canine and feline cardiomyopathies; Use of cardiac biomarkers and advanced echocardiographic techniques in veterinary medicine

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