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Tamas Revay

Adjunct Faculty   |   M.Sc., Ph.D. Budapest

Research Interests

  • Cytogenetics and molecular genetics of chromosomal abnormalities in animals
  • Genome-wide Copy Number Variations (CNVs) in cattle and pigs
  • Somatic and age-related variability in animal genomes
  • Molecular genetics of Disorders of Sex Determination (DSDs) and infertility

Selected Publications

  • T Revay, O Oluwole, WA King (2017) In vivo and in vitro ageing results in accumulation of de novo copy number variations in bulls. Nature Sci Rep, in press
  • Oluwole OA, Mahboubi K, Favetta LA, Revay T, Kroetsch T, King WA (2017) Highly dynamic temporal changes of TSPY copy number in aging bulls. PLOS One in press
  • GE Welsford, R Munk, DAF Villagomez, P Hyttel, WA King, T Revay (2017) Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome in a Family of Warmblood horses Caused by a 25-bp Deletion of the DNA-Binding Domain of the Androgen Receptor Gene. Sex Dev, 11:40-45.
  • DAF Villagomez, T Revay, B Donaldson, S Rezaei, A Pinton, M Palomino, A Junaidi, A Honaramooz, WA King (2017) Azoospermia and testicular hypoplasia in a boar carrier of a novel Y-autosome translocation. Sex Dev 11:46-51.
  • AT Quach, T Revay, DAF Villagomez, MP de Macedo, A Sullivan, L Maignel, S Wyss, B Sullivan, WA King (2016) Prevalence and consequences of chromosomal abnormalities in commercial swine herds. Genet Sel Evol 48:66.
  • C Bolzon, CJ Joonè, ML Schulman, CK Harper, DAF Villagómez, WA King, T Révay (2016) Missense mutation in the ligand-binding domain of the horse androgen receptor gene in a Thoroughbred family with inherited 64, XY Disorder of Sex Development. Sex Dev, 10:37-44.
  • Oluwole, T Revay, K Mahboubi, L Favetta, WA King (2016) Somatic mosaicism in bulls estimated from genome-wide CNV array and TSPY gene copy numbers. Cytogenet Genome Res, 149:176-181.
  • J Greenaway, K Virtanen, K Osz, T Revay, D Hardy, G DiMattia, T Shepherd, J Petrik (2016) Ovarian tumour growth is characterized by mevalonate pathway gene signature in an orthotopic, syngeneic model of epithelial ovarian cancer. Oncotarget, 7(30):47343-47365.
  • AT Quach, O Oluwole, WA King, T Revay (2015) The porcine TSPY gene is tricopy but not a copy number variant. PLOS One 10(7): e0131745.
  • T Revay, AT Quach, L Maignel, B Sullivan, WA King (2015) Copy number variations in high and low fertility breeding boars. BMC Genomics 16:280.
  • FA Ashkar, T Revay, N Rho, P Madan, I Dufort, C Robert, LA Favetta, C Schmidt, WA King (2015) Thyroid hormones alter the transcriptome of in vitro-produced bovine blastocysts. Zygote 24:266-76.