Roger A. Moorehead

Professor   |   BSc, PhD McMaster

Research Interests

  • Role of insulin-like growth factors in mammary and lung physiology and tumorigenesis
  • Generation of transgenic mouse models to study human disease
  • Signal transduction pathways and gene expression

Selected Publications

  • Franks, SE, Briah, R, Jones, RA and Moorehead, RA. Unique roles of Akt1 and Akt2 in IGF-IR mediated lung tumorigenesis. Oncotarget (in press)
  • Watson, KL, Stalker, L, Jones, RA and Moorehead, RA. High levels of dietary soy decrease mammary tumor latency and increase incidence in MTB-IGFIR transgenic mice. BMC Cancer 2015 Feb 6;15:37
  • Jones, RA, Watson, KL, Campbell, CI and Moorehead, RA. IGF-IR mediated mammary tumorigenesis is enhanced during pubertal development. PLoS One 2014 Sep 26;9(9): e108781
  • Stalker, L, Pemberton, J and Moorehead, RA. Inhibition of proliferation and migration of luminal and claudin-low breast cancer cells by PDGFR inhibitors. Cancer Cell Int 2014 Sep 5;14(1):89.
  • Watson, KL and Moorehead RA. Loss of Akt1 or Akt2 delays mammary tumor onset and suppresses tumor growth rate in MTB-IGFIR transgenic mice. BMC Cancer 2013 13:375
  • Thompson, D.E., Siwicky, M.D., and Moorehead, R.A. Caveolin-1 expression is elevated in claudin-low mammary tumor cells. Cancer Cell Int 2012 12:6
  • Campbell, C.I. and Moorehead, R.A. Mammary tumors that become independent of the type I insulin-like growth factor receptor express elevated levels of platelet-derived growth factor receptors. BMC Cancer 2011 11:480
  • Franks, S.E., Campbell, C.I., Barnett, E.F., Siwicky, M.D., Livingstone, J., Cory, S. and Moorehead, R.A.Transgenic IGF-IR overexpression induces mammary tumors with basal-like characteristics, whereas IGF-IR-independent mammary tumors express a claudin-low gene signature. Oncogene 2011 (epub ahead of print)
  • Campbell, C.I., Thompson, D.E., Siwicky, M.D. and Moorehead, R.A. Murine mammary tumor cells with a cluadin-low genotype. Cancer Cell Int 2011 11;28
  • Campbell, C.I., Petrik, J.J. and Moorehead, R.A. ErbB2 enhances mammary tumorigenesis, oncogene-independent recurrence and metastasis in a model of IGF-IR-mediated mammary tumorigenesis. Mol Cancer 2010 9:235
  • Siwicky, M.D., Petrik, J.J., and Moorehead, R.A. The function of IGF-IR in NNK-mediated lung tumorigenesis. Lung Cancer 2011 71:11-18
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  • Greenaway, J., Henkin, J., Lawler, J., Moorehead, R., and Petrik, J. ABT-510 induces tumor cell apoptosis and inhibits ovarian tumor growth in an orthotopic, syngeneic model of epithelial ovarian cancer. Mol Cancer Ther. 2009 Jan;8(1):64-74.
  • Jones, R.A., and Moorehead, R.A. The impact of transgenic IGF-IR overexpression on mammary development and tumorigenesis. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2008 Dec;13(4):407-13. Epub 2008 Nov 11. Review.
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  • Jones, R.A., Campbell, C.I., Gunther, E.J., Chodosh, L.A., Petrik, J.J., Khokha, R., and Moorehead, R.A. Transgenic overexpression of IGF-IR disrupts mammary ductal morphogenesis and induces tumor formation. Oncogene. 2007 Mar 8;26(11):1636-44. Epub 2006 Sep 4.
  • Linnerth, N.L., Baldwin, M., Campbell, C., Brown, M., McGowan, H., and Moorehead, R.A. IGF-II induces CREB phosphorylation and cell survival in human lung cancer cells. Oncogene 2005 Nov; 10:24(49); 7310-9.
  • Linnerth, N.L., Sirbovan, K., and Moorehead, R.A. Use of a Transgenic Mouse Model to Identify Markers of Human Lung Tumors. International Journal of Cancer 114:977-982, 2005.