Neuroscience B.Sc. Major

The growing interest in Neuroscience as a subject area has led to the development of a Neuroscience B.Sc. major, for introduction in Fall 2017.   This Intercollegiate Collaborative Programme in Neuroscience will be based in Psychology, but will include both the College of Biological Sciences and our department as the other collaborators in this programme. 

Students in this cross-college interdisciplinary programme have the opportunity to draw on a growing depth of expertise in the cognitive sciences, neurophysiology and anatomy, molecular biology and computational biology, taking the minor concurrently with their major. 

Neuroscience specific B.Sc. courses

BIOM*3000 Functional Mammalian Neuroanatomy
NEUR*4000 Current Issues in Neuroscience
NEUR*4100 Neuropharmacology


Dr. Neil MacLusky Award in Neuroscience

Neuroscience Research Opportunities

NEUR*4401/NEUR*4402 - Research in Neurosciences (2sem course)
NEUR*4450 - Research in Neurosciences (1sem course)
NEUR*4441/NEUR*4442 - Advanced Research in Neurosciences (2sem course)

Questionnaire for NEUR*4450, NEUR*4401/2, NEUR*4441/2
You cannot add NEUR*4450, NEUR*4401/2, NEUR*4441/2 on WebAdvisor.  
Please return signed sign-in form to Kim Best, room 2633 OVC, for a signed course waiver.