Master of Science (MSc)

MSc Programs

Students may take an MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis on aspects of Reproductive Biology; Developmental, Cell and Tissue Morphology and Biomedical Toxicology/Pharmacology and Neuroscience. A number of choices are available for the thesis research project; these may include molecular, cellular, immunological or developmental aspects of growth and differentiation, physiological, morphological or biomechanical investigations of normal function and disease processes in a variety of organs and tissues, or pharmacological mechanisms related to therapy and drug toxicology. There are two streams: a traditional two-year MSc thesis-based stream, and a one-year MBS stream that consists of course work and a research project.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should have an Honours BSc in biological sciences or a degree in veterinary medicine (or equivalent), with a minimum average "B+" standing for the last four semesters completed prior to entry into the graduate program. Letters of reference from two of the applicant's professors must be provided with the application. In addition, a short statement of the applicant's research interests and career goals, is required to assist in the selection of faculty advisors. Students may be admitted into the Fall, Winter or Spring semester. Students who do not meet this "B+" minimum requirement but do meet the University minimum of "B-" may be admitted into a "provisional" category if there is additional evidence to suggest that the applicant is capable of successfully completing the graduate program (e.g., exemplary letters of recommendation, or evidence of prior work or research experience). Transfer to the "regular" category is recommended when the student obtains a minimum "B+" in two graduate courses approved by the Department's Graduate Program Committee in consultation with the student's Advisory Committee.

Application Process

Faculty Advisors:

A Faculty Advisor is mandatory before you can be admitted into any of our programs.  You should begin contacting Faculty doing research in your particular area of interest to determine if they are taking on new students, prior to applying.  You should begin contacting Faculty early to avoid disappointment.  A list of Biomedical Sciences faculty can be found here: Biomedical Sciences Faculty

Please note: If you are interested in applying to the MBS Program, you can have a Faculty Advisor from the Pathobiology or Population Medicine Departments. If your Advisor is from a Department outside of the Ontario Veterinary College, you will be asked to have a Co-Advisor from within the Department of Biomedical Sciences

Degree Requirements

MSc (by Thesis)

Students must obtain at least an overall weighted average of 'B-' in prescribed courses. The number of graduate course credits prescribed will not be fewer than 1.5 credits. Prescribed and additional courses are selected by the student in consultation with the student's advisory committee. The courses selected will depend on the student's prior experience and the nature of the research project. The student must also prepare and defend an acceptable thesis and meet the Department’s minimum scientific communication requirement. The minimum scientific communication requirement is one conference presentation (oral or poster) at a suitable Regional, National or International scientific conference. If this requirement has not been achieved, written justification must be provided to the Department of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Committee outlining the reasons why these requirements have not been achieved. The Chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Committee will provide a written response outlining the decision of the Graduate Program Committee to either grant or reject the request that the defence proceed even though the minimum scientific communication requirement has not been completed. All students are required to present two departmental seminars during their program. The thesis research proposal, developed by the student in consultation with the advisor, must receive approval from the supervisory committee no later than the end of the second semester of the program. The program is completed by the successful oral defence of a written thesis.


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