Collaborative Toxicology Program

 Toxicology Collaborative Program

The Collaborative Toxicology Specialization (MBS, MSc & PhD) is an interdepartmental collaborative program that focuses on research and teaching in toxicology.  Many students wish to complement their graduate studies by adding a collaborative specialization. Students completing a collaborative program not only gain in-depth understanding of their research area, but also how their research fits into the context of the collaborative program.  Students in the Collaborative Toxicology Program are required to complete two Toxicology-specific graduate courses along with the course requirements for their MBS, MSc or PhD degrees.


Program Requirements

In addition to the program requirements of the participating department in which the student is enrolled, the following courses are required:

  • TOX*6000 Advanced Topics in Toxicology (0.5 credit)
  • TOX*6200 Advanced Principles in Toxicology (0.5 credit) (only if TOX*4200 not taken)

Students are encouraged to review to the Toxicology Collaborative Specialization Website for additional information and suggestions when selecting Advisory Committee Members.


Director: Dr. Richard Manderville, SCIE 3243, Ext. 53963,

Graduate Secretary: Lisa O’Dwyer, SCIE 2513, Ext. 53044,