Courses - Undergraduate & DVM

The Department of Biomedical Sciences offers courses in a wide range of undergraduate majors - B.A., B.Sc., D.V.M. - as well as graduate level courses.
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Undergraduate Courses

BIOM*2000 F

Concepts in Human Physiology


B.Sc. Courses

BIOM*3000, F

Functional Mammalian Neuroanatomy

BIOM*3010, F

Biomedical Comparative Anatomy

BIOM*3040, W

Medical Embryology

BIOM*3090 W

Principles of Pharmacology

BIOM*3200 W

Biomedical Physiology

BIOM*3210, F

Critical Thinking in the Health Sciences

BIOM*4030, W

Endocrine Physiology

BIOM*4050, W

Biomedical Aspects of Aging

BIOM*4070, F

Biomedical Histology

BIOM*4090, F


BIOM*4110, W

Mammalian Reproductive Biology

BIOM*4150, W

Cancer Biology

BIOM*4180, W


BIOM*4300, F

Biomedical Communications

BIOM*4500# F,W,S

Literature-Based Research in Biomedical Sciences

BIOM*4510 F,W,S
BIOM*4521/2## F,W,S

Research in Biomedical Sciences, 1 semester
Research in Biomedical Sciences, 2-semester course


NEUR*4000, F

Current Issues in Neuroscience

NEUR*4100, F Neuropharmacology

NEUR*4401/2### F,W,S

NEUR*4421/2### F,W,S

NEUR*4450### F,W,S

Research in Neurosciences, 2 semester course


Research in Neurosciences, 1 semester

TOX*4000 F

Medical Toxicology


# Sign-In Questionnaire for BIOM*4500
## Sign-In Questionnaire for BIOM*4521/2
### Sign-In Questionnaire for NEUR*4450, NEUR*4401/2
you cannot add the BIOM or NEUR research courses on WebAdvisor.
please return signed sign-in form to Kim Best, room 2633 OVC, for a course waiver.

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