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519-824-4120 Ext. 54401



Our Team

Dr. Jeff Wichtel
Ext. 54417

Denise Bovaird
Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Executive Director
Ext. TBD

Dr. Shayan Sharif
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Ext. 54641

Dr. Joanne Hewson
Associate Dean, Students and Academic
Ext. 54423

Dr. Stephanie Nykamp
Associate Dean, Clinical Programs
Ext. 54052

Ilya Bogorad
Executive Director, Strategy and Planning
Ext. 54796

Carol Ann Higgins
Chief Administrative Officer
Ext. 54784

Judy Tack
Director, Business Systems Project
Ext. 54418

Scott Moccia
Associate Director, Organization and Technology
Ext. 54056

Aaron Artuso
Director, Budget and Accounting
Ext. 53144

Lily Arpa
Administrative Assistant (Shared Administrative Services)
Ext. 54427

Elizabeth Lowenger
Manager, Student Affairs
Ext. 54430

Taylor Scully
Learning Pathways Officer
Ext. 53503

Lauren Grant
Research Manager
Ext. TBD