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Health & Safety


The Pathobiology Health and Safety Pages is designed to provide information promoting good laboratory practices and to identify safety concerns for faculty, staff, and students working within Department of Pathobiology, while complying with existing government and University of Guelph policies.

Reading these pages are not, however, a substitute for mandatory laboratory safety orientation.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, all supervisors (faculty or their designates) are required to provide new employees (including staff, graduate and undergraduate students, project students and volunteers) with workplace-specific laboratory safety orientation and training prior to commencement of work, including mandatory WHMIS and Laboratory Safety training. WHMIS and Laboratory Safety training information is circulated by the Chair's Office each semester. Both the laboratory supervisor and the new personnel member must review and sign the Department of Pathobiology Safety Orientation form, one copy of this form is filed with Elizabeth Gilbertson, Secretary to the Chair, and a copy is retained by the faculty member as part of due diligence.

NOTE that each research laboratory may need additional laboratory-specific safety training designed to identify specific hazards and procedures associated with individual research projects.

Laboratories are active work environments. At any time several experiments may be underway in a single room, involving many people using different chemicals and intricate pieces of equipment.

Be Informed!

We are all responsible for identifying and dealing with workplace hazards, and we share a common interest in preventing accidents and injuries. Access the information in this handbook and associated WEB resources to become familiar with the support systems in place to ensure your workplace is a safe environment.