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Committees & Mandates

Representation on Committees 2014-2015

OVC Committtes
Academic Review Subcommittee D. Wood (2016)
Awards Committee J. MacInnes (2015)
Animal Care Committee P. Turner (2017)
Drug Control A. Peregrine (2014)
DVM Admissions Committee B. Plattner (TBA)
DVM Curriculum Committee P. Turner (2015), J. Lumsden, D. Wood
DVM Program Committee S. Weese (2016)
Hospital Advisory Committee D. Wood (2016)
Interdepartmental DVSc Program Comttee B. Lillie (2015)
Infection Control Committee S. Weese (Chair)
College Research & Advisory Committee D. Bienzle, P. Boerlin, J. Lumsden, S. Sharif, S. Weese
Joint Health and Safety Committee &asmp; AHL J. MacInnes(Co-Chair)
Suspected Animal Abuse Reporting Committee B. McEwen
AHL Liaison D. Bienzle, R. Foster

Department Standing Committees

Awards Committee: J. MacInnes (2015 -Chair & ex officio); P. Turner (2015); B. Bridle (2015); J. Lumsden, TBA (GS); (D. Kangas-secretary)

Chair's Advisory Committee: B. Lillie (2017), C. Jardine (2016); E. Nagy (2017); John Lumsden-Chair; S. Weese (2017); B. Plattner (non-tenured 2014).

Department Meetings: Adina Bujold & Mehdi Emam (Grad Student reps); L. Read (Staff rep); C. Bernardi (Prof. rep); E.Gilbertson (Secretary)

Department Seminar Series: B. Bridle (2015-Chair); B. Plattner (2015).

Graduate Studies Committee: Coordinator- P. Boerlin (2015); J. Caswell (DVSc Coordinator) (2014); C. Jardine (2014), J. Lumsden (Chair, ex officio); Graduate Student TBA; D. Kangas (Secretary)

IT Committee: D. Wood (Chair); D. Smith, R. Foster; J. Hammermueller; N. Lemieux; E. Gilbertson (Secretary)

Research Committee: D. Bienzle (2016) - Chair; B. Bridle (2016), G. Wood (2016), S. Wootton (2016), J. Lumsden (ex officio)

Safety Committee: Pathobio: J. MacInnes (Faculty), C. Bernardi (Prof), E. Gilbertson (OSSTF), J. Hammermueller, M.E. Clark, B.A. McBey, (Steelworkers), Kevin Stinson (Graduate Student); AHL: M. Stalker (Mgmt), R. Roth, M. Harron (Steelworkers)

T&P Committee: Brandon Lillie (2017); C. Jardine (2016), E. Nagy (2017), S. Weese (2017); J. Lumsden - Chair (ex officio).

T&P Dept Member on College Committee – J. Caswell (2016)

Undergrad Teaching: J. Lumsden - (Chair & ex officio), P. Turner, J. Barta, E. Gilbertson (Secretary).

Appointments to Committees are for three year, staggered, terms; Members may be appointed for a second term. At least one year must elapse before reappointment to the same Committee after a second term. Dates in parenthesis are when the term ends; new appointments will be made in June each year. An asterisk* indicates second term.

Undergraduate Course Coordinators (2014-2015)

  • MICR*3230 Immunology I - B. Mallard, A. Kaushik (co-coordinators)
  • MICR*4430 Medical Virology - S. Wootton
  • TOX*4100 Toxicological Pathology - P. Turner
  • PATH*3610 Principles of Disease - R. Foster (W), A. Vince (DE - S, F)
  • PATH*3040 Principles of Parasitology - J. Barta
  • PATH*4100 Diseases of Aquatic Animals - J. Lumsden
  • VETM*3120 Veterinary Histology & General Pathology - J. Lumsden
  • VETM*3450 PPrinciples of Disease in Veterinary Medicne (PODVM) - J. Prescott; J. Barta (Asso. Coords)
  • VETM*4480 Comparative Medicine - D. Smith
  • VETM*4490 Systems Pathology - R. Foster
  • VETM*4850/4851 Health Management -
    • Anatomic Pathology - B. Plattner
    • Diagnostic Pathology - A. Peregrine; M. Ammersbach
    • Diagnostic Pathology Food Animal - A. Peregrine

DVM 4th Year Electives

  • Avian Exotic - D. Smith
  • Ecosystem Health - C. Jardine
  • Poultry Health Elective - M. Guerin
  • Laboratory Animal Medicine - P. Turner
  • Pain Recognition & Management - P. Turner/R. Johnson
  • Fish Health - J. Lumsden
  • Veterinary Aspects of Wildlife Disease Management - C. Jardines/D. Smith

Graduate Course Coordinators (2014-2015)

  • PABI*6000 Bacterial Pathogenesis – J. MacInnes
  • PABI*6030/40/41 Applied Clinical Pathology I, II, III – D. Bienzle, D.Wood
  • PABI*6050/60/70 Applied Avian Pathology I, II, III – D. Smith
  • PABI*6080/90/91 Diagnostic Pathology I, II, III – J. Caswell, R. Foster, B. Plattner
  • PABI*6100 Immunobiology – S. Sharif
  • PABI*6104 Mechanisms of Disease – B. Lillie
  • PABI*6190 Topics in Immunology – B. Mallard
  • PABI*6221 Comparative Pathology I – D. Smith
  • PABI*6222 Comparative Pathology II – P. Turner
  • PABI*6300 Clinical Pathology I – D. Bienzle
  • PABI*6320 Clinical Pathology II – D. Wood
  • PABI*6330 Viral Diseases – E. Nagy 
  • PABI*6350 Molecular Epidemiology of Bacterial Diseases – P. Boerlin
  • PABI*6440 Graduate Seminar – J. MacInnes, G. Wood
  • PABI*6500 Infectious Diseases and Public Health - S. Weese
  • PABI*6550 Epidemiology of Zoonoses - C. Jardine
  • PABI*6560 Principles and Practice of Antimicrobial Therapy - S. Weese
  • PABI*6630/40/50 Applied Comparative Pathology I, II, III – D. Smith, J. Lumsden
  • PABI*6700 Laboratory Animal Science – P. Turner
  • PABI6710, 6720, 6730 Applied Laboratory Animal Science I, II, III – P. Turner
  • PABI*6740 Avian Diseases – TBA
  • PABI*6960 Special Topics in Pathobiology – Graduate Coordinator


Departmental Committee & Mandates

Department Committee

Purpose: The Departmental Committee is composed of faculty with representation from staff and graduate students.

Responsible for:

1) Receiving reports from Department Standing and ad hoc Committees and responding to these reports.

2) Discussing other issues of importance to the Department.

3) Providing a forum where matters of importance to the Department as a whole are raised for discussion and action.

4) Providing a means of dissemination of important information within the Department.


Graduate Studies Committee

Purpose: The Graduate Studies and Research Committee is responsible for:

1) Implementation of policies of the faculty of graduate studies.

2) Development and implementation of policies that apply specifically to graduate studies in Pathobiology.

3) Periodic review and modification of policies and practices that affect graduate students in Pathobiology.

4) Promotion of research in the Department.


Research Committee

Purpose: The Research Committee has a mandate to facilitate and enhance the quality of research within the department and to advise the Chair on issues that relate to research coming from university, OMAF or other sources.

Activities in support of this mandate may include:

1) maintaining communication and interaction with the College Research Committee and the University VP Research,

2) providing mentorship of new research faculty by helping them to initiate and maintain quality research programs,

3) facilitating grant review prior to grants leaving the department,

4) identifying and promoting awareness of funding opportunities,

5) identifying major research facility and equipment needs,

6) promoting departmental representation on national and international granting panels and at key symposia,

7) considering department issues that affect quality of research, such as distribution of technical and other resources,

8) interacting with other groups within the department that are developing research initiatives, such  as “CASHPA”,

9) advising on other matters affecting research in the department.


Safety Committee

Purpose: The 'Safety' Committee is officially known as a Joint Health and Safety Committee, meaning it is composed of management representatives and worker representatives. It is mandated by provincial legislation under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. Its composition is mandated as follows. There should be at least one representative from each of the employee groups (bargaining groups, unions) and from the management. Worker representatives are selected by the workers in that group. There must be a management co-chair and a worker co-chair (selected by the worker members of the committee). Our committee is of people in Building 46 and 49, so the AHL are included.

The role of the Joint Health and Safety Committee is to meet regularly, at least every quarter, and to inspect a part of the physical workspace each month so that the entire area is inspected each year. Responsibility for inspection lies with the worker members of the committee.

The membership of the safety committee is: Pathobiology Management; Professional staff; Graduate students; OSSTF staff; Part time/grant; Animal Health Laboratory Management; Steelworkers.

Copies of the latest (approved) minutes and other information is posted on the Safety notice board.


Awards Committee

Purpose: The awards committee considers applications for various awards, particularly OGS, NSERC, and internal OVC awards; confirms the eligibility of the applicants; and provides ranking or recommendations as appropriate to the college awards committee or the university OGS & NSERC panel.


Library Committee


1. Act as a channel of communication between the library and the College, bringing to the attention of the Library any concerns with Library services the faculty and students might have, and explaining to the College particular reasons for Library policies and procedures.

*2. The College Library Committee shall monitor the expenditure of the College Allocation of the Library Acquisition funds, and, on an annual basis, *a) make recommendations to the Senate Library Committee concerning the size of the Library Allocation made to each College, *b) advise the Dean on the allocation to each Department, School, or other academic unit within the College made from the College allocation, *c) advise the Dean on the reallocation of said internal allocations if these are less than 75 per cent committed by November l of each year. d) Notwithstanding b) & c) above it is the policy of the OVC Library Committee not to subdivide the College allocation into smaller academic units.

3. Approve the purchase of books, journals, audiovisual material, etc. from the College allocation.

4. Monitor the proper coverage and balance for the collection.

5. Review the acquisitions of journals, to ensure that new and old titles live up to expectations.

6. Consider problems and make recommendations in relation to the use, operation and future planning of the Library.

* Senate regulations for a College Library Committee


Undergraduate Studies Committee


a) To know what is going on in terms of faculty activity in undergraduate teaching.

b) For DVM program courses, to receive and assess course evaluations, and recommend and assist in the implementation of any improvements.

c) For non DVM program courses, to implement, receive and assess course evaluations, and recommend and assist in the implementation of any improvements.

d) Identify opportunities to promote the quality of teaching and learning at the undergraduate level, and educate faculty on pedagogic issues and “best practices”.

e) Be aware of opportunities for generating new courses to fill vacant or newly created niches on a University wide basis, including distance education.

Graduate Student Representatives on Other Relevant Committees