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  • PAHL 3822
  • 54351
  • Lab:
  • PAHL 3806
  • 54634

Areas of Interest

  • Pathogenesis of retroviral infection
  • Mechanisms of inflammation in recurrent airway obstruction
  • Development of novel diagnostic assays

The main focus of the laboratory is to study the interaction of retroviruses with their host. Using the feline immunodeficiency virus as a model system we seek to explore how the host responds to infection at the cellular and molecular level.

Other research explores host-environment interactions in the development and progression of lung inflammation of the horse, with particular emphasis on cellular and molecular responses of the respiratory epithelium and role of lung leukocytes.

Graduate Students

  • Mélanie Ammersbach, BSc and DVM (University of Guelph); PhD (University of Guelph, ongoing)
  • Nariman Deravi, BSc and DVM (University of Guelph); DVSc (University of Guelph, start F’14)
  • Laurence Tessier, BSc (Laval University); MSc (University of Guelph); PhD (University of Guelph, start F’13)


Former Students:

  • Former Graduate Students
  • S. Karlyn Bland, MSc (University of Calgary); DVM (University of Saskatchewan); DVSc (University of Guelph, S’14)
  • Olivier Côté, BSc (University of Quebec); MSc (University of Montreal); PhD (University of Guelph, W’13)
  • Elizabeth MacMillan, BSc (Queens University); MSc (University of Guelph, S’13)
  • Solomon Odemuyiwa, DVM and PhD (University of Ibedan); DVSc (University of Guelph, W'12)
  • Janet Beeler-Marfisi, DVM (University of Guelph); DVSc (University of Guelph, S'10)
  • Alex Folkl, BSc (University of Guelph), MSc (University of Guelph, S'08)
  • Julie Blanco-Chavez, DVM (Mexico); MSc (University of Guelph, W'08)
  • Amelie Leclerc, DVM (University of Montreal); DVSc (University of Guelph; F'04)
  • Jonathan Meyer, DVM (University of Pretoria); DVSc (University of Guelph; S'04)
  • Paula Katavolos, DVM (Tufts University); PhD (University of Guelph; W'06)
  • Ryan Dowling, BSc (University of Guelph); MSc (University of Guelph; F'04)
  • Felipe Reggeti, DVM and MSc (Venezuela); PhD (University of Guelph; S'05)
  • Lynne Sandmeyer, DVM (University of Saskatchewan); DVSc (University of Guelph, F'03)
  • Carolina Duque, DVM (Columbia); MSc (University of Guelph, S'01)

Former Summer or Project Research Students

  • Gillian Finnie, DVM (University of Guelph, 2017)
  • Deborah Castro, DVM (Brazil, ongoing)
  • Daniel Caudle, DVM (University of Guelph, 2012)
  • Laura van den Bosch, BIOM (University of Guelph, 2012)
  • Alistair MacDonald, BIOM (University of Guelph, 2012)
  • Sabina Staempfli, BSc (Waterloo, 2010)
  • Jim Welsh, DVM (University of Guelph, 2010)
  • Perrin Valli, BASc (McGill, 2009)
  • Elizabeth Kuczynski, BSc (University of Guelph 2008)
  • John Murray, DVM (University of Guelph, 2008)
  • Melanie Ammersbach, DVM (University of Guelph, 2007)
  • Janet Beeler-Marfisi, DVM (University of Guelph, 2007)


Research and Professional Staff

  • Mary Ellen Clark, BSc (University of Guelph) Current
  • S. Karlyn Bland, MSc (University of Calgary); DVM (University of Saskatchewan); DVSc (University of Guelph, S’14) – Postdoctoral fellow
  • Genevieve Labbé, PhD (University of Waterloo), PDF (Guelph, completed F'12)
  • Hakimeh Mohammadi, PhD (University of Guelph), PDF (Guelph, completed F'12)


DVM and undergraduate curriculum

  • VETM*4490 Systems Pathology - Clinical pathology of hemolymphatic, endocrine, respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous system
  • BIOM*4510 Research in Biomedical Sciences - Senior thesis supervision

Graduate curriculum

  • BIOM*6800 Gene Expression in Health and Disease
  • PABI*6104 Mechanisms of Disease
  • PABI*6030 Applied Clinical Pathology I (course coordinator)
  • PABI*6040Applied ClinicalPathology II
  • PABI*6041Applied ClinicalPathology III
  • PABI*6300 Clinical Pathology I (Hematology & Cytology, course coordinator)
  • PABI*6320 Clinical Pathology II (Clinical Chemistry)

Selected Publications

  • Côté O, Clark ME, Labbé G, Seah SYK, Khan M, Douda DN, Palaniyar N, Viel L, Bienzle D. Differential regulation of neutrophil function by SCGB 1A1 and 1A1A proteins.  PLoS One 9(4):e96217, 2014.
  • Abrams-Ogg AO, Defarges A, Bienzle D. Comparison of feline core bone marrow biopsies from different sites using two techniques and needles. Vet Clin Pathol 1:36-42, 2013.
  • Kornya M, Little S, Scherk M, Sears W, Bienzle D. Correlation between dental disease and retrovirus status in cats. J Am Vet Med Assoc In press, 13-10-0593.
  • Chhetri B, Berke O, Pearle DL, Bienzle D. Disparities in spatial prevalence of feline retroviruses due to data aggregation: a case of the modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP)? J Vet Med In press, JVM 424138.
  • Floras AN, Holowaychuk MK, Hodgins DC, Marr HS, Birkenheuer A, Sharif S, Bersenas AM, Bienzle D. Investigation of a commercial ELISA for detection of canine procalcitonin. J Vet Intern Med. 2:599-602, 2014.
  • Tan E, Abrams-Ogg ACG, Defarges AA, Bienzle D. Automated analysis of bone marrow aspirates from dogs with haematological disorders. J Comp Pathol 151:67-79, 2014.
  • Tan E, Abrams-Ogg ACG, Defarges AA, Bienzle D. Automated analysis of bone marrow aspirates from healthy beagle dogs. Vet Clin Pathol 43:342-351, 2014.
  • Woods KS, Defarges AM, Abrams-Ogg AC, Dobson H, Brisson BA, Viel L, Bienzle D. Comparison of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid obtained by manual aspiration with a handheld syringe with that obtained by automated suction pump aspiration from healthy dogs. Am J Vet Res. 75:85-90, 2014.
  • Woods KS, Defarges AM, Abrams-Ogg AC, Viel L, Brisson BA, Bienzle D. Comparison of manual and suction pump aspiration techniques for performing bronchoalveolar lavage in 18 dogs with respiratory tract disease. J Vet Intern Med In press, May 2014, doi: 10.1111/jvim.12403.
  • Bienzle D. FIV in cats – a good model of HIV in people? Vet Immunol Immunopathol (Invited review) 159:171-179, 2014.
  • Côté O, Viel L, Bienzle D. Phylogenetic relationships among Perissodactyla: Secretoglobin 1A1 duplication and triplication in the Equidae family. Molec Phylogenet Evol. 69:430-436, 2013.
  • Burkhard MJ, Bienzle D. Making sense of lymphoma diagnostics. In: Clinical Pathology and Diagnostic Techniques. Vet Clinics North America: Small Animal Practice. 43:1331-1347, 2013.
  • Stasiak IM, Smith DA, Crawshaw GJ, Ganz T, Bienzle D, Lillie BN. Characterization of the hepcidin gene in eight species of bats. Res Vet Sci 96:111-117, 2014.
  • Elmas CR, Koenig JB, Bienzle D, Cribb N, Cernicchiaro N, Cote N, Weese JS. Evaluation of a broad-range real time PCR assay for the diagnosis of septic synovitis in horses. Can J Vet Res, 77:211-217, 2013
  • Ammersbach M, Little S, Bienzle D. Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction and Virus Culture for Diagnosis of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. J Fel Med Surg. 15:725-729, 2013.
  • Chhetri B, Berke O, Pearl DL, Bienzle D. Comparison of the geographical distribution of feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus infections in the United States of America (2000-2011). BMC Vet Research, 9:2-11, 2013.
  • Hayes AM, Quinn BA, Lillie BN, Côté O, Bienzle D, Waelchli RO, Betteridge KJ. Changes in Various Endometrial Proteins During Cloprostenol-Induced Failure of Early Pregnancy in Mares. Anim Reprod, 9:723-741, 2012.
  • Côté O, Katavolos P, Lillie B, Hayes MA, Clark ME, Viel L, van den Bosch L, Bienzle D. Multiple Secretoglobin 1A1 Genes are Differentially Expressed in Horses. BMC Genomics 13:712-726, 2012.

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