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Areas of Interest

Genetic regulation of the immune system and implications to disease resistance. Particular emphasis is given to preventive methods to improve disease resistance of livestock, such as genetic selection of livestock for enhanced immune responsiveness. Other areas of interest include xenotransplantation and peripartum immune responses.

Professor Mallard is also the inventor of the High Immune Response Technology and the Immunity+ Technology that has been licensed to Canada's largest dairy genetics company, the Semex Alliance. These technologies are used to identify and select animals with naturally optimized immune responses.


2016 Dairy Strong Conference: Dr. Mallard Presentation: Benefits of Immunity+ Exceed Expectations

Governor General's Innovation Award Recipient
| 2017 Winners | Guelph Mercury Tribune Article | The Governor General's Innovation Awards - Bonnie Mallard |


Undergrad: MICRO*3230 (Immunology I), MICRO*4230 (Immunology II)
Graduate: PABA*6190 (Topics in Immunology)

Selected Publications

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