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Bonnie Mallard

Professor | BSc, MSc, PhD Guelph [field_positions_of_note]

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Office: PAHL 4825
  • Office ext: 54736
  • Lab: PAHL 4806
  • Lab ext: 54761/54468

Areas of Interest

Genetic regulation of the immune system and implications to disease resistance. Particular emphasis is given to preventive methods to improve disease resistance of livestock, such as genetic selection of livestock for enhanced immune responsiveness. Other areas of interest include xenotransplantation and peripartum immune responses.


Undergrad: MICRO*3230 (Immunology I), MICRO*4230 (Immunology II)
Graduate: PABA*6190 (Topics in Immunology)

Selected Publications

  • Begley N, Buckley F, Burnside EB, Schaeffer L, Pierce K, Mallard BA. Immune responses of Holstein and Norwegian Red x Holstein calves on Canadian dairy farms. J Dairy Sci. 92(2):518-25, 2009.

  • Heriazon A, Yager JA, Sears W, Mallard BA. Induction of delayed-type hypersensitivity and interferon-gamma to Candida albicans and anti-hen-egg white lysozyme antibody as phenotypic markers of enhanced bovine immune response.Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 129(1-2):93-100, 2009.

  • D Wilson, BA Mallard, JL Burton, Y Schukken, Y Grohn. Milk and serum J5-antibody responses, milk production changes and clinical effects following intrammary E. coli challenge for J5 vaccinate and control cows. Clin. Vacc. Immunol.16(2):209-17, 2009.

  • H Atalla, C Gyles, C Jacob, H Moisan, F Malouin, and BA Mallard. Characterization of a S. aureus Small Colony Varient (SCV) associated with bovine mastitis. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 5(6):1-15, 2008.

  • M Nino-Soto, A Hernandez, M Quinton, F Miglior, K Thompson and BA Mallard. Differential Gene Expression of High and Low Immune Responder Canadian Holstein Dairy Cows. Developments in Biology 132:315, 2008.