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OVC Research Advisory Committee


  • Associate Dean, Research and Innovation (Chair)
  • Graduate Coordinator or Co-Coordinators from Each Department
  • Another Representative from Each Department as assigned by the Departmental Chair in consultation with the Assistant Dean
  • Head of the Pet Trust Research Committee
  • Head of the Equine Research Program


  • Chair: Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
  • Secretariat: Office Assistant, Research and Graduate Affairs


  • Provide advice and support to the Assistant Dean on all matters relating to graduate studies and research at the Ontario Veterinary College.
  • Responsible for establishing the competitions for College Summer Student Research awards and for the College MSc and PhD Fellowships, as well as for selecting the successful candidates.

Current Members

  • (Chair) Dr. Gordon Kirby, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
  • Dr. Glen Pyle, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Alicia Viloria-Petit, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Tami Martino, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Tom Gibson, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Ameet Singh, Clinical Studies
  • TBA, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Geoffrey Wood, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Sarah Wootton, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Patrick Boerlin, Pathobiology
  • Dr.  Zvonimir Poljak, Population Medicine
  • Dr. David Pearl, Population Medicine
  • Dr. Amy Greer, Population Medicine