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Curriculum Subcommittee


The curriculum committee is a required subcommittee of the DVM Program Committee. Overall, the mandate of the committee is to review the curriculum, establish the curriculum (content, modes of delivery and evaluation), assess the degree of achievement of the curricular and undergraduate academic goals, initiate and respond to proposals for change in the curriculum.


  • Associate Dean - Academic (Chair)
  • Phase Leaders
  • Departmental Teaching and Learning Committees Chairs/Representative.
  • Department Chairs
  • DVM Student Representatives (one from each of the four Phases of the DVM program, designated by the CVSA)
  • Chair of the DVM Program Committee (ex officio).

Term of Office

  • Three years (renewable)

To Whom Responsible

  • DVM Program Committee


  • Once per semester, or as required.


A quorum, which will consist of two thirds of the membership of the committee, will be required for all meetings of the committee in which issues are to be brought to a vote


  • Develop academic policies, as required, for the delivery of the DVM Program based on the curricular principles approved by Senate.
  • Review course and program outcomes and provide feedback to course coordinators and Chairs with recommendations for change or improvement where appropriate
  • Report outcome of reviews to DVM Program Committee and initiate and respond to requests from the DVM Program Committee for changes in the DVM Program to improve its quality or effectiveness
  • Consider, and where deemed appropriate, approve changes to courses or Phases that may require Program Committee, Board of Undergraduate Studies or Senate approval
  • Consider resource (human and financial) implications as they relate to delivery of the curriculum.
  • Provide leadership in the planning and implementation of opportunities and changes/additions to the Program that enhance the understanding of, and access to, a broader range of career opportunities


Curricular Management in the DVM Program (Approved May 25, 2005)

Examination Procedures and Invigilation Policies (Approved March 23, 2005)

Current Members

  • Dr. Kerry Lissemore, Chair, Associate Dean, Academic
  • Dr. Tarek Saleh, Department Chair, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Carolyn Kerr, Department Chair, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Shayan Sharif, Interim Department Chair, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Todd Duffield, Department Chair, Population Medicine
  • Dr. Jeff Thomason, Phase 1 Leader
  • Dr. Darren Wood, Phase 2 Leader
  • Dr. Robert Foster, Phase 3 Leader
  • Dr. Don Trout, Phase 4 Leader
  • Dr. Brad Hanna, Chair, UGTLC, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Joanne Hewson, Chair, UGTLC, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Brandon Plattner, Department Representative, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Deep Khosa, Primary Care Educator, Population Medicine
  • Dr. Dale Lackeyram, Open Learning and Educational Support
  • Dr. Jennifer Reniers, Open Learning and Educational Support
  • Ms. Christie Limbrick, OVC '18 - Phase 4
  • Mr. Garrett Schuilenberg, OVC '19 - Phase 3
  • Ms. Megan Wieser, OVC'20 - Phase 2
  • Ms. Emily Mann, OVC'21 - Phase 1
  • Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, Interm Associate Dean Clinical Programs (Ex Officio)