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Companion Animal Scientific Review Committee


  • Nominated by the Departmental Chairs in consultation with the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
  • Two representatives from Clinical Studies (usually a small animal surgeon and a small animal medicine or speciality person)
  • Representative from Biomedical Sciences
  • Representative from Pathobiology
  • Representative from Population Medicine


  • Chair: Assigned by Assistant Dean, Research and Graduate Affairs
  • Secretariat: Dean's Office


  • Reviews and ranks proposals which have been pre-screened by the Pet Trust Research Committee
  • Decides on the level of funding for selected projects. This occurs in association with the annual Pet Trust competitions for research funds.

Current Members

  • Dr. Alice Defarges, Clinical Studies, Committee Chair

  • Dr. Cathy Bauman, Population Medicine

  • Dr. Shauna Blois, Clinical Studies

  • Dr. Byram Bridle, Pathobiology

  • Dr. Luis Gaitero, Clinical Studies

  • Dr. Stefan Keller, Pathobiology

  • Dr. Michelle Oblak, Clinical Studies

  • Dr. Glen Pyle, Biomedical Sciences

  • Dr. Tony Mutsaers, Clinical Studies

  • Dr. Fran Rotondo, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Board representative (ex-officio)

  • Dr. Gordon Kirby, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation

  • Barb Gaudette, Assistant to the Committee