OVC Professor Named to 2018 ‘Highly Cited Researchers’ List

December 3, 2018

AProf. Stephen LeBlanc, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph n Ontario Veterinary College professor is one of three University of Guelph professors named to the prestigious Clarivate Analytics list of “Highly Cited Researchers” for 2018. 

Prof. Stephen LeBlanc, a professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, was named in the list along with U of G professors Paul Hebert and Merritt Turetsky. The list, published annually, includes researchers ranking in the top one per cent by citations for field and publication...

Movember has meaning for canines, too

November 27, 2018

MSc student Charly McKenna (left) and Dr. Tony Mutsaers (right) are photographed with prostate cancer patient Alfred.Canine prostate cancer research at the University of Guelph could help transform future cancer treatments – for pets and humans – making therapy less invasive and more effective. 

Researchers are working to determine the efficacy of a new gold nanoparticle cancer therapy technique for dogs with prostate tumours. University of Guelph professor Dr. Tony Mutsaers, Department of Clinical Studies and Department of Biomedical Sciences is involved in this study with a team of researchers, including MSc student Charly McKenna...

Get the flu shot – to lower your risk of a heart attack

November 8, 2018

Healthy individuals may decline to get a flu shot because they do not feel vulnerable. (Pixabay)Were the members of the legendary musical group Bon Jovi medical visionaries? How else do you explain Shot to the Heart? This prophetic song predicted the protective benefits of the flu shot against heart disease more than 30 years before researchers would arrive at the same conclusion.

Earlier in 2018, researchers from the University of Toronto published a ground-breaking study in the New England Journal of Medicine linking heart attacks and influenza. The study by...

Novel Technique Can Potentially Improve Success of Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Study Reveals

November 1, 2018

Ontario Veterinary College professor Jim PetrikInstead of destroying a tumour’s blood supply, a first-ever U of G study has proven that opening up the vessels is potentially more effective when it comes to fighting ovarian cancer.

This is because open vessels provide a clear pathway for treatment to attack the tumour.

“There hasn’t been much hope for women with ovarian cancer,” said Prof. Jim Petrik, lead author of the ground-breaking study. “What we are working on has never been done before and it has the potential...

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