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World Veterinary Day: Veterinarians Play Important Role in Sustainable Development

The theme of this year’s World Veterinary Day on April 28 is the role of the veterinary profession in sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security and safety.

Herd of African cattle grazing on Masai Mara plains_Kenya_Africa_iStock_Marion_SmithFor many rural people, animals provide a main source of income and the best means to preserve necessary resources to weather agricultural crises, exit poverty, fertilize soil and provide transportation.

Veterinarian and U of G professor Cate Dewey has worked extensively in veterinary practice and sustainable development in Africa. A professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, she spent 11 years working in Kenya with poor pig farmers.

African woman sowing seeds on her farm (Pixabay)Dewey says farmers sold their corn and often used the money to buy a pig. In an emergency, they often sold the animals to pay for medical care or school fees or to purchase more maize when their food supply was gone.

Dewey has taught swine health management in Canada and the U.S. since 1985, and has studied prevention and control of animal diseases, pig welfare and food safety.

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