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Should you take your pet to the vet?

What happens when your pet is feeling poorly? Or you think it’s eaten something it shouldn’t?

More than half of the households in Canada own a pet. Yet when they’re suddenly sick, or might be, the only alternative is an emergency call to a veterinarian. A recent Guelph Today article outlines a new telehealth service for pets, based in Guelph.

In January, Garth Graham, an Ontario Veterinary College 2001 graduate, received the green light from the College of Veterinarians of Ontario to open TelehealthPets. It’s his own business, not an arm of the province or any other organization, but as the only provincially accredited telehealth facility in Canada, it has to meet the same standards and quality of information as local veterinary hospitals.

Graham’s worked in a rural-urban veterinary clinic near Orangeville, with pets and with livestock, and with a veterinary pharmaceutical company. Through the years, he saw a need for greater accessibility, particularly for low-income pet owners who find a visit to the veterinarian tough financially, and for rural Ontarians (especially in the north) who have extraordinary distances between them and their veterinarians.

Read the entire story by Owen Roberts in Guelph Today.

(Photo: TeleHealth Pets founder Garth Graham and his dog Belle. Photo provided)