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Hands-on wildlife experience with CWHC Ontario/Nunavut

This year was the first that the Ontario Veterinary College offered 4th year students an opportunity to do a rotation with the CWHC. We (Kelly Guest and Melissa Pambianchi) were the fortunate two students who were selected for this two-week placement under the supervision of Dr. Claire Jardine and Dr. Doug Campbell. Both of us have a keen interest in wildlife health and disease surveillance, so we were excited to spend two weeks with very knowledgeable and skilled individuals in this field.

Throughout our two-week rotation, we had the chance to perform several post-mortem exams on various wildlife species that had been submitted to the CWHC. The purpose of these post-mortem exams was twofold: to try and determine the animals cause of death and to contribute to ongoing disease surveillance projects (i.e. taking samples and testing for Avian Influenza and West Nile Virus). This gave us the opportunity to become more familiar with common lesions you may see with certain diseases, and the chance to learn about which samples are required for the different surveillance programs.

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