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Antimicrobial stewardship focus of poultry research day

Collaboration and innovations surrounding antimicrobial stewardship were the focus of a recent poultry research day at the University of Guelph. 

Featuring a panel of industry and academic experts, the recent Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN) Research Day brought together researchers, industry, government, and producer representatives to discuss this timely topic. 

The discussion comes at an important time, as the federal and provincial governments are coming together on a Pan-Canadian framework on antimicrobial resistance, said Dr. Shayan Sharif, PHRN leader and an immunologist at the Ontario Veterinary College. 

Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield addresses Poultry Health Research Network research day at University of GuelphLloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph, acknowledged the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance during a lunchtime address.

He noted, it’s great to meet people from all over North America who are looking at common issues, and asked how can “we work together using each other’s strengths” to solve some of these world challenges? “Antimicrobial resistance is one of those challenges.”

Longfield, who serves on the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food, as well as the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, added he'll be asking for help from people around the room "to make sure we have the most current information for science-based decision making."

The U of G is an agri-food centre of excellence and has been for more than 100 years, noted Malcolm Campbell, U of G vice president research, before introducing MP Longfield to conference attendees. “We partner with people right across the sector. We sit right in the middle of an innovation corridor.” 

U of G is the third in the world for agriculture, he added. “That comes from the research impact of our faculty and the graduate students supervised by them.”

Panel at Poultry Health Research Network research day at University of Guelph

A number of those graduate students shared their ongoing research into questions surrounding antimicrobial resistance, vaccines and immunity, and rapid detection devices. 

Students are the industry capacity of tomorrow, noted Helen Anne Hudson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Burnbrae Farms Ltd. “We are facing a huge shortage of human resources in the agriculture industry. We are in need of people trained in all facets. Events like this help students to network with industry and also find collaborations.”

“The student presentations provided not only an excellent overview of the work being conducted at the University of Guelph, but also highlighted the up and coming talent that will be important future leaders in the Canadian poultry industry,” added Steve Leech, National Program Manager, Food Safety, Animal Care and Research, with Chicken Farmers of Canada

Leech also noted networking value for industry, producers, government and researchers.

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Top photo - Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield addressed the Poultry Health Research Network research day.

Bottom photo - left to right: Dr. Rebecca Irwin, Public Health Agency of Canada; moderator Dr. Scott McEwen, University of Guelph; Jean Szkotnicki, Canadian Animal Health Institute; Dr. Martine Boulianne, University of Montreal; Dr. John Prescott, University of Guelph; Dr. Shayan Sharif, University of Guelph and PHRN leader; Leanne Cooley, Egg Farmers of Canada; Dr. Lloyd Weber, Poultry Veterinarian; Dr. Billy Hargis, University of Arkansas; Steve Leech, Chicken Farmers of Canada; Phil Boyd, Turkey Farmers of Canada; and Dr. Ravi Kulkarni, PHRN co-ordinator.