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Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program is a 5-semester professional degree with concentration in epidemiology, environmental public health, infectious diseases, and zoonotic, foodborne and waterborne diseases. This program is of interest to individuals holding an undergraduate degree in science or applied science seeking a career in public health or to public health professionals wishing to upgrade their skills. A Type 3 Graduate Diploma is also offered for those individuals with public health-related experience that wish to increase their knowledge or acquire focused learning.

Mission Statement

The University of Guelph Master of Public Health program prepares public health students and professionals for careers in which they will address the present and future needs of public health in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. We are committed to applied public health science and research, relevance of curriculum, lifelong learning, and issues of local relevance and international significance. Our graduates will emerge as influential local, national, and international leaders committed to improving quality of life by protecting and promoting the health of their communities and by anticipating and preventing disease from both a policy and a science perspective.

MPH Crest

The book represents policy. The Rod of Asclepius is the international symbol of health and healing, including use in public health, medicine and veterinary contexts. The water pump represents action and intervention, and is a defining historical moment in both epidemiology and public health. The pigeon on top further represents a public health connection to a veterinary context and also is representative of the following characteristics: flexible, loyal, resourceful, intelligent, and healing. The hands represent community, connectedness, and teamwork. Public health is affected by all people, young and old, and some of the biggest impacts are made when we work together.