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Coordinator Reporting

For All Coordinators of OVC Courses


  • This piece of the course verificaiton process is currently on hold.
  • No submission required at this time.
  • This information will be gleaned from the assigned teaching roster, course/room schedular, and OSCAR. The validity of this new method is still under scrutiny.
  • Typically, forms would be available on the home page

The Course Verification Form is meant to capture:

  1. Instruction activities that involve student contact (similar to what might be reported in a course outline)
  2. Effort of anyone involved in the course (except OVC Faculty, who report their own time via the Individual form)
  3. Curricular changes (if applicable)
  4. General notes 


  • Each course/rotation instance must have a completed Course Verification Form
  • Only courses that have a home department within OVC should be submitted
  • OVC Faculty are NOT included in the instructor effort section (that information is collected in the Faculty Reporting form)