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OVC Student Clubs

Club Position Name Email
Animal Welfare club Co-President Courtney Thomas
Co-President Megan Righi
Vice President Joey Tang
Behaviour Club President Thisuri Eagalle
Business Club President Anujah Mariampillai
Christian Fellowship Club President Rebecca Chant
Vice President Sarah Jajou
Community Outreach Club President Jennifer Ho
Dentistry Club Co-President Jessica Irvine
Co-President Alice Gao
Diagnostic Imaging Club Co-President Gabriella Allegrini
Co-President Emily Grinberg
Equine Club Co-President Marika Van Schaik
Co-President Lisa Costa
Food Animal Club Co-President Hannah Golightly
Co-President Kevin Barbosa
Integrative Medicine and Alternatives Club President Shannon Shum
Internal Medicine Club/SCACVIM Co-President Hailey Hoffman
Co-President Jill Madigan
International Vet Med Club/IVMC      
Lab Animal Medicine Club Co-President Julia Robertson
Co-President Goldia Chan
Nutrition Club President Blair Rainey
Parasitology Club President Stacey Novy
Vice President Sarah Brodie
Pathology Club Co-President Kadi White
Co-President Latasha Ludwig
SCLGVMA President Jonathan Ricco
Small Animal Club Co-President Joey Tang
Co-President Alyssa Brown
Surgery Club Co-President Mathew MacCormick
Co-President Robert Frantz
SVECCS Club Co-President Alice Gao
Co-President Emily Smith<
Theriogenology Club President Katelyn Weaver
Thrive Club President Angela Tiessen
ZEW Club Co-President Abigail Picyk
Co-President Sara Stewart

See also the CVSA's OVC Clubs Page.

Standard procedures for student-run events (includes lunch talks)

Guidelines for Student Industry Representation

Fundraising resources for OVC clubs:

Sponsorship Cover Letter - Blank

Sponsorship Cover Letter - Example

Sponsorship Request Form - Blank

Sponsorship Request Form - Example

Thank you letter - Blank

Thank you letter - Example