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Employment, Research and Volunteering Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

If you're looking for work on campus check out the Work Study Job Postings listed on the University's Student Financial Services site.

As a student veterinarian it's never too early to explore career opportunities. In first and second year the Veterinary Experience Program (VEP) gives you access to clinicians through volunteering, which may lead to summer or part-time employment.

The links below provide access to postings for clinical and other career opportunities in Canada and beyond:

Want to beef up your resume? Be sure to check out the resources for resumes and cover letters on the University of Guelph Co-operative Education and Career Services.

Employers Seeking DVMs

  • Ready for that perfect graduating veterinarian?
  • Looking for a student veterinarian for the summer or for part-time employment?
  • Do you have a veterinary education or training opportunity to promote?

Send the advertisement via e-mail to the Student Affairs Office at Place "job posting" in the subject line and include the posting either in the body of the message or as a Word, PDF or Corel WordPerfect attachment. Postings will posted on this page and on our online Recruit Guelph service available to students and alumni.

CURRENT POSTINGS (older posts at the top):






DVSc in Clinical Pathology

Internships at the Unversité de Montréal (deadline January 15, 2018) : Food Animal / Equine, SA radiology / endoscopy, Dairy herd health & production, Theriogenology, Bovine medicine, Bovine medicine & surgery, Equine medicine, SA medicineCombined Bovine-Equine Ambulatory, Zoo Medicine

Recidency programs at the Unversité de Montréal (various deadlines, most January 15, 2018) : Aneasthesiology, SA Surgery, LA surgery (Bovine emphasis), LA surgery (Equine emphasis), Equine internal medicine, Bovine population medicine (Dairy),  Opthalmology, Bovine Health Management, Therio (bovine), Therio (equine)





MSc in OVC Cliniical Studies - Feline Obesity



Be sure to check the list of Undergraduate Research Assistantships (financial need) and Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantships in January. 

Newer postings at the bottom:

SA clinic in St. Catherines - Phase 2 only

CFIA 2018 Veterinary Student Internship Program – Summer Projects - Deadline February 2, 2018 by email to with:

• their résumé; and

• indicate in their cover letter: 

  • why they would like to work for the CFIA,
  • the project(s) that they would like to be considered for,
  • confirmation that they are willing and able to relocate if necessary,
  • why they feel they should be considered for the project(s), and
  • for non-residents, their ability to work in Canada.

Projects available - Automated Import Reference SystemFeral swine populationsImmediately Notifiable Diseases in CanadaFeed Regulation ModernizationAquatic Animal Health Risk AssessmentPost-mortem inspection methods for minor species

OMAFRA Livestock Assistant – Dairy Cattle - Deadline January 22, 2018

Agriculture Development and Outreach Project Lead Summer PositionsDeadline January 12, 2018

OMAFRA Livestock Assistant - Poultry - Deadline January 22, 2018

Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley - Phase 2

Opportunity in Owen Sound - Phase 3

SA clinic in Surrey BC - Phase 2 or 3


Research Opportunities

Summer Student Research Assistantships

Be sure to check out the Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URAs) and the Undergraduate Student Research Assistantships (USRAs) offered in the departments of OVC. In addition to these, a few positions are available for students interested in pursuing research over the summer months. In order to apply, potential faculty advisors must submit a proposal for the funding available, and students will then be solicited in February for applications for projects that are chosen for funding.

Some additional information on summer research for DVM students include:

  • The Summer Career Oppotunities and Research Exploration (CORE) Program is an educational program offering summer research students the opportunity to experience exciting talks, attend round table discussions and network with DVMs with a variety of career paths, prepare a research poster and visit several research facilities. The program is open to DVM, BSc and other undergraduate students who are working on summer research projects at OVC. Registrations are due in May. Students present an oral presentation of their research plans in May, and a summary of their work in August by presenting a poster in a conference style setting. SLRP does not provide funding, it is open to all summer researchers at OVC. NB This is not a FUNDING program but a program open to students working at OVC over the summer.
  • The Boehringer Ingleheim Veterinary Summer Internship Program provides an industrial research experience to those who have interest in laboratory animal medicine, comparative medicine, pathology, or related areas in biomedical research. The internships are open to all veterinary students. Deadline is February 2018.

Colorado State University’s 2018 Veterinary Summer Scholars Program (VSSP) is posted at

Iowa State University's application portal is here:


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to gain additional veterinary experience outside the classroom:

  • Follow this link for the Canadian Veterinary Reserve information session presentation.
  • The Veterinary Experience Program (VEP) is a learner-centred program for Phase 1 & 2 students, established at the Ontario Veterinary College to provide crossover between academics and the world of work.
  • OVC Pet Trust also has many networking opportunities for student veterinarians. Pet Trust promotes the health and quality of life of companion animals. The fund supports studies and special projects that improve the quality of care pets receive and leads to advances in veterinary medicine. Visit the web page or contact Robin at for potential opportunities.

Global Vets

Global Vets is a program at the Ontario Veterinary College which offers student veterinarians a unique opportunity to investigate animal health care in developing countries.


For other volunteer opportunities in the Guelph community:

  • The goal of Student Volunteer Connections is to promote student involvement in non-profit organizations in the Guelph community by providing students with up to date volunteering opportunities. This site is managed by the University of Guelph.